About Me

Hello! I am a Christian, a momma, a wife, a career woman, a youth group and children’s church teacher, a daughter, a writer and a speaker of God’s word. I live in the lovely Southish state of Kentucky with the love of my life and our two amazing daughters. Our lives probably like yours are very busy. Marc and I both have busy careers and are always taking on more and more. Our oldest daughter is figuring out what she enjoys and what the Lord is gifting her. She is leaning more towards music and is taking piano and voice lessons right now. We are hoping she can use her gifts to sing/play in church. Our youngest “T” is only 5 and is full of spunk, sass and all things girly.

We are very involved in our church. Marc is the Youth Group director and we lead the children’s church as well. I have a deep love for our Women Active for Christ group and have served as secretary, VP and President. This is a place that I have really felt my faith and relationship with God grow through the church.

Last year during much prayer for my future and what the Lord would want me to do, I was gifted with the calling to write. this is something that I would have never have imagined for myself. But that’s God. He knows everything and He knows it way before we know it. I am currently working on my first and hopefully not only book.

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Photographer Beth Meek at Ginger Snaps Photography