Whispers from the Holy Spirit

when we get one, how should we react?

Something that comes very natural to me is talking and connecting with others. Even my career is built around speaking to others all day long. And even though this is something that I probably have taken for granted I never once considered it a gift. I had never dreamed that the Lord would “call” me to use this in a different way. But that’s what is so amazing about our God. He knows us so well, of course He does.  He also knows the plans that He has for us long before we know.  It usually takes Him giving us a whisper from the Holy Spirit for us to realize His plans for us. 

Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever experienced a whisper from the alpha and the omega? If you have then you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s pretty cool. Especially when you stop and think about it afterwards. We study the Bible, we pray, we pray and sometimes we pray some more. Then like a small whisper you hear the answer. Its usually an answer that’s so clear, so distinct and nothing we could come up with on our own. It’s unmistakable. It’s God!! 

THE Holy Spirit speaks to us. In this world of over 6 billion people He speaks to us. If you have not had this happen, don’t give up hope or get frustrated. I am sure there has been many times that He has spoken to me that I did not hear Him. Probably more worse than not hearing Him is reacting badly. There have been times I have heard Him and have almost laughed out loud. I have had conversations back to Him and said, “God, I can’t do that right now.”  or “God, are you sure you are talking to the right person?”

When reading a children’s Bible last night to my two precious girls I started to have an epiphany. Ihaven’t been the best when God answers me. 

We started reading the New Testament in preparation for Easter. Our plan is to read this summarized children’s version leading up to Easter to help prepare our hearts. We planned on only reading one little chapter and of course my angels enjoyed it so much they wanted me to read more. ( I’m sure it had nothing to do with putting off bedtime! ) 

We read about Zacharias and Elizabeth. I know that there are a lot of men in the Bible with similar names so I will help refresh your memory. This was John the Baptist’s father. The angel Gabriel came to him and told him his wife  Elizabeth would have a baby.  Their prayers had been answered. Zacharias and Elizabeth were old at this time. Even though, evidently this was something the couple had prayed for a very long time, Zacharias questioned it. From the outside looking in, and from our point in time we know the end result. But, Zacharias was human. Zacharias made the mistake to question the answer to his prayers. 

The angel was not happy with Zacharias’ response. The prayer was still answered but Zacharias was not able to speak for the entirety of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. The girls and I discussed this. He was mute for around nine months. I bet that he wished he reacted differently. He was not able to speak until after the birth of his son, John. As we now know, John, prepared the way for our Savior.  The angel’s words did come true.  

This really made me think. This really made me feel guilty. Why have there been times that I have prayed and when God answered, I questioned it. Did I not get what I wanted? -I wanted  an answer. I wanted God to speak to me and give me guidance. Then, when He gave it to me, I doubted it?? What was I thinking. 

Now, let’s think about Mary. Within six months of Gabriel’s visit to Zacharius the angel visited Mary. Mary was also given news that was hard to swallow. Mary reacted very differently to the message than her cousin’s spouse. Mary did ask “How” it could be possible, but she did not ask “Could” it be possible. She accepted her calling from God and submitted to what God needed her to do. 

Let’s be more like Mary.

Let’s have faith that when we ask God for an answer- we don’t doubt, we don’t question, or we don’t take it for granted. Instead- we praise Him, we thank Him and we appreciate Him. 

Thank you. I hope that the next time you need guidance, discernment or answers that you are able to BE STILL and hear His answer. 


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5 thoughts on “Whispers from the Holy Spirit

  1. Love u dear friend and I thank you for always showing Gods love to me in all of our visits together over time. You are a precious lady and I’m grateful to know you! Love ya and keep working for the Lord!


  2. I have heard that sweet Holy Spirit many times throughout my life….having failed Him many times…but knowing down deep in my heart that I am His child and that still small voice continues to lead, guide and direct me in my personal relationship with Him as long as I live🌟💫🌟


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